Elafonisi is located in the SW point of the prefecture of Chania.

The most remote beach, which is however worth to visit despite the long journey you have to make in order to reach it. It is an islet almost connected with the coast since it abstains only 100m. from the beach and one can approach it by walking in the sea.
Elafonisi abstains 76 km from Chania and 43 km from Kasteli.

So the tourists as well as the locals visit Elafonisi just to admire the astonishing sandy beach with the dunes,  the white sand and definitely swim in the unique crystal waters. Even if the natural beauty attracts abundant visitors, the region does not allocate developed tourist facilities, Elafonisi remains one of the most popular beaches in Crete.

Use a car hire service, so you will not miss the chance to visit it!

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