Rental terms

1. Renter's qualification

In order to rent a car from ECORENTALS: 

  • The renter must be over 23 years of age and hold a valid driver's license for all car categories (except E, F, G, G1, G2, K2, H, H1, I, X, J, L, L1, L2)  issued at least a year ago (where the minimum is 23 or 25). 
  • For all other car categories, the renter must be over 25 years old and hold a valid driver's license issued at least 3 years ago.
  • The renter must have a valid Hellenic, European (for E.U. countries) or International (for non EU countries) driver's license.
  • The renter must present a valid credit card with his/her name imprinted on it.

* The renters aged between 21-22 will be subject to Young Drivers Surcharge by paying the amount of 20,00€ daily

When collecting the vehicle, all renters need to bring:

  • A valid driver's license.
  • A valid credit card credit card with his/her name imprinted on it.
  • If the renter does not hold a credit card, he can only rent a car as long as he/she has taken the Full Damage Waiver insurance (F.D.W.) and have already pre-paid the whole rental value as well as the guarantee deposit of 600,00€.

The vehicle will be provided to the renter with a full tank of fuel and must be refilled prior to the car's return, otherwise a charge of fuel in addition to refueling fee of 10,00€ will apply.

When collecting the vehicle, the renter will be given a Rental Agreement which has to check and sign. The Rental Agreement will show all services and insurances provided as well as any extra services and insurances that the renter might request with their relevant charges.

It is very important that the renter checks and reports any means of damages on the vehicle in order to avoid any charges regarding damages caused by a previous renter. The renter has to sign the Collection and Delivery Form for damages on the vehicle.

All ECORENTALS vehicles are insured:

  • against liability to third parties (excluding driver) for death and injury up to 500.000,00€ per victim.
  • material damages to third parties (excluding any ECORENTALS vehicle) up to 500.000,00 €.

If any ECORENTALS vehicle is damaged or stolen by renter's culpability or negligence, the renter will be liable, up to the total car's commercial value at the time of accident or theft.

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.)

A limitation of the renter’ s responsibility for his/her legal share in any damage of the vehicle to 800,00€ is provided, given that traffic laws where not contravened (i.e. violation of red light or STOP sign, illegal overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol etc).

Tire Insurance (T.I)
The renter is exempt from liability if he accepts the relevant terms of the contract by signing it
 for € 4,00 per day

Insurance for Glazing and Mirrors (I.G.M)
The renter is exempt from liability if he accepts the relevant terms of the contract by signing it
 for € 6,00 per day

Theft Insurance (TP)
The renter is relieved of responsibility for the theft of the car if he accepts the relevant terms of the contract with his signature to
  for € 8,00 per day


 Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.)

 If the renter  wishes to lower the amount  Collision Damage Waiver at 400€, he will have to pay an additional € 12.00 per day for the vehicle categories A and B and € 20.00 for C and E
FDW insurance includes

  1. Insurance for the Lower part of the car
  2. Fire insurance

* None of the above insurances cover damages caused by violation of the Greek traffic law,

It is noted that the renter is fully responsible for every damage caused by the vehicle, if it is driven by a driver who does not hold a valid driver's license, or the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or by another vehicle which is used under a different reason than the one described in the contract and the vehicle's registration licence.


  • Free of charge to the ECORENTALS station or in the city of Chania or Chania's International Airport.
  • Suburban towns: 0.27€/km.
  • Night and After hours collections and delivery (21.00-8.00): are subject to a 20,00 € charge.

Minimum rental

One day (24hours). Every rental hour will be charged with 1/5 of the daily rate.

Incident Administration Fee

In case of an accident due to the renter's liability, renter has the obligation to pay a non-refundable fee of 20,00 € in order to cover administration expenses.

Administration Fee for fines

The renter is liable for the payment of all traffic fines that may occur during the car rental. In case the renter does not pay the fine(s) and ECORENTALS intervenes to the procedure, there will be an Administration Fee for the fine of 50,00 € additional to the fine's cost.

Loss or damage of key

In case of loss or damage of car key during the rental, the renter is liable for following charges:

60,00€ for small and medium car groups and 200,00€ for the family and SUV car group.

Destruction of additional equipment

 type                                                               Charge per piece(+VAT)

 Child car seat (until 6 months)                       80,00€

 Child car seat (from 6 monhts)                      100,00€

 Navigation System (GPS)                                150,00€

Car cabin

In case the renter returns the vehicle and it's cabin has stains which require a special cleaning procedure (ie animal hair, sand etc on car seats or car floor or port baggage etc.), he will have to pay the amount of 80,00€

It is forbidden to ferry the car without an advanced written authorization from ECORENTALS. In case of ferrying the car, the renter has to return the car to the pick-up station, otherwise all transportation costs will be charged to the renter.

For crossing the border in a rental car, an advanced written authorization from ECORENTALS is required.  The renter must also present a valid credit card with his/her name imprinted on it for guarantee purposes. The cost for issuing the Green card and the International Roadside Assistance Service will be paid by the renter.

If the renter wishes to keep the vehicle longer than the contracted period, then, the renter will have to contact the ECORENTALS station in order to extend the Rental Agreement.

ECORENTALS accepts the following credit, debit and prepaid cards: Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, Maestro. In case the renter chooses the payment method of credit card for reservations via internet, only Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express are acceptable. In case the renter chooses to make a payment in cash, prior to the vehicle's collection, ECORENTALS will ask for a rental pre-payment either with a credit card or bank transfer.
The accounts you can use to deposit money in are:

 IBAN: GR2601406600660002002025875

All rates include 24% Value Added Tax.

ECORENTALS recognises the importance of secure transactions and has made all necessary provisions to ensure maximum possible transaction security for all data entered in the website.

All credit card payment transactions are performed through Alpha Bank’s ”Alpha e-Commerce” electronic payment platform which uses encryption TLS 1.1 with protocol 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). This encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it while using the appropriate password.

  • If the prepayment amount is less than € 140.00, there will be no additional charges or refunds.

You are not entitled to any refund in the case of no-show.

No-show means:

  • You want to cancel but inform us when your rental is almost ready to start.
  • You do not turn up at the agreed place and time to start the rental.
  • You do not present the necessary supporting documents - paperwork at the start of rental.

The lessor company is not responsible for any loss or damage to the items of the customers who are on the rented car, whether they have been abandoned at its offices before or after the contract.

The lessor company made every effort and took all possible precautions to avoid mechanical damage to the car.

Delivery problems may require from us to cancel or replace a detained car.

The lessor company is under no obligation to return money before the termination of the agreed lease.

There is no insurance in cases where explicit reference is made to the Greek Traffic law.

Rates & Conditions may change without notice.
The Chania Crete Courts of Law are responsible for resolving any problems or doubts of service that might occur.

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